Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cache Valley Scenic Byway

Before leaving Brigham City and the state of Utah, we headed up scenic route 89 to Logan, UT and the cache Valley. The valley got the name cache from Jim Bridger and his fur trapping group who referred to the area as their fur cache. Our first stop was lunch at the Blue Bird restaurant, which will celebrate its one hundredth birthday in a few years. We then walked the busy downtown streets and found one interesting store front with a very catchy motto. From there we visited the county court house which is the oldest building in Utah that is still used for its original designed purpose. It was refinished just a few years ago and was a pleasure to visit.

We then headed northeast on route 89 to enjoy the scenic byway. There were many magnificent views to be had along with lots of vigorous trails to climb, if you have the time and inclination. It was a great way to spend our last day in Utah.


Gypsy said...

I really enjoy your pictures. There is some beautiful scenery in Utah, and you capture it well.

Rick and Paulette said...

Thanks again for the terrific photos and another wonderful tour. I really like your new header pic too.

Freely Living Life said...

I love love the first picture of the old style dinning counter! Good times and great memories. =)

Judy and Emma said...

The more I look at that new header picture, the more I like it. It seems to go on and on. Very nice! :)