Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Along a scenic byway

We headed out this morning to visit the National park service visitor center in Hagerman to check on the status of the fossil beds park. As we had heard on the news the park is currently closed indefinitely due to the damage caused by the wildfires. In Hagerman, we also ran across an encampment of firefighters who have been very busy in the area.

Next we decided to drive the Route 30 scenic byway between Hagerman and Twin falls. On this route, we first were able to see the fire damage to the Fossil Park. It was clear from the scorched hill sides that the fire was very intense.

Farther along the route there were numerous waterfalls that were created in the lava rock walls over thousands of years and created the current Snake River plain and allowed these falls to push out from the porous walls of the gorge.

This area is referred to as Magic valley and contains a rich and productive agricultural area that supplies food for the entire nation.


Tracey said...

Well my gosh Anneke I just read you post on my blog but look where you've been instead! Sorry we missed THAT, but we may be headed back through ID in a month or so on the very south end of.
Will read YOUR blog in the morning - have to go to bed at the moment 1/2 way through another post of mine to be finished tomorrow. BTW - did you get your washer fixed? Thought of you and I think posted a remark towards you about how we thought (in hind sight) se'd fixed ours ... ended up with the BIG fix a couple weeks ago - many bruises and sore muscles later we are back washing/drying clothes at home .... stay in touch my cyber friends

Sarah said...

Beautiful drive!

I really hope the damage to Hagerman's fossil beds is minimal. :( Idaho in general is having a bad time lately with those wildfires.

Judy and Emma said...

Idaho surely has a lot of wonderful scenic byways. I guess I missed that one. :) Nice pics.

Wayne and Roberta said...

Great pictures of the waterfalls! I too hope there isn't to much damage to the fossil beds and other monuments.

E Squared and Mui said...

Thanks for your comment on my Bull Run post ... and apologies in the delay replying. Just got back from Alaska (alas, not a Phaeton Journey, this time ... that will have to wait until retirement). I see from your Archive for August that you were in Utah recently. Having lived there for 8 years, I'm looking forward to reading your posts for a virtual trip back there.

Will be following along on your trip now that I've got you set up on my RSS feeds ... happy trails!