Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still in Ohio

We completed our annual service visit without any surprises and headed to a Good Sam Club rally in Wauseon, Ohio. This rally had around 400 units in attendance. We went to the entertainment each evening and took two of the local tours. Both were very interesting-one to the fire station and the other a tour of a dairy production facility where they produce hormone and chemical free milk and other dairy products. We also checked out some of the farm markets in the area and the rest of our time was spent chatting with follower travelers and just relaxing.

The next stop was the Erie Island RV resort in Port Clinton, Ohio. We were interested in seeing how this facility is doing, as it seemed a bit run down the last time we were here and supposedly has been upgraded. We noticed right away when we headed to our assigned spot that one of the derelict motorhomes near us two years ago was still in the same spot. While they have been sprucing up some areas, the campground still has some very sad equipment in it, which would not generally be expected in a “resort”. That aside, it is still a decent place to spend some time near Lake Erie. We have also been enjoying talking with our neighbors from Australia, Nova Scotia, and Colorado. One of the reasons we came here was to visit Put in Bay on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. So far that has not been accomplished due to threatening weather. Tomorrow will be our last chance as we are moving on Thursday. Forecast is for rain.

Today we went to Sandusky, a once thriving lake port for some great ice cream from Toft’s, which is made in Sandusky and can be enjoyed at the outlet in front of the plant. Very good! The town is hanging on but clearly having a rough time.

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