Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, September 25, 2009

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Put-in-Bay is the only town on South Bass Island located12 miles north of the mainland town of Port Clinton. I think of this town as having a similar atmosphere as Annapolis, Maryland. Boating and drinking are too of its most popular pastimes. In the summer the harbor is crowded with boats and the main street is occupied with all the basic tourist trap shops, restaurants and lots of drinking establishments.

It also is home to the Commodore Perry’s National Monument commemorating his naval victory over the British just of the South Bass Island. It is a must see on any visit. There is also many other things to do and see beyond the party area. It is a great place for bike or golf cart riding, where you can easily explore the whole island in a day.

We took the fast Jet Express which travels at 40 MPH. You get a good view of Lake Erie and the surrounding islands and the route takes you past one of the most unusual homes on South Bass Island. This home is the forward end of a Lake Erie Cargo Vessel and is located on the shoreline with the bow thrusting out into the lake.

On this trip the town was very quiet as the season is basically over. We have never seen the harbor so empty. This was a bit of a nostalgia trip for us, as this was our favorite port of call when we kept our sailboat “Razor’s Edge” on Lake Erie. We enjoyed lying on a buoy in the harbor and watching some of the crazy activities going on. In the evening, we would take the water taxi into town and walk the docks and observe the wild parties on the power boats and guess who was going to feel the worst in the morning and have the most regrets about the previous evening.

In the Great Lakes it is truly a one of a kind place to visit.


Anonymous said...

You should pick us up some pink catwba wine :)
- Heather

Katie said...

Glad you guys finally had nice weather to go! And I second heather's comment... Although I would really like some of the concord grape wine please :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Good looking Staff Capt. and First Mate at the helm...