Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rally in Amish country

The State Winnebago Club had its final outing of the year last weekend near Navarre, Ohio on the northern edge of Ohio Amish country. We left Port Clinton to attend this event with other members of our local club since we intended to spend some time in Amish country before heading south in any case.

In addition to the usual rally activities, we toured the area and found the countryside to be beautiful rolling hills covered with both Amish and more traditional farms. It quickly became clear that Amish tourism is growing and perhaps more popular as it can be an inexpensive day trip for many.

We visited a cheese production plant and store, where I saw my first beard cover and lots of tourists’ hitting the free samples. After watching their sanitation habits for a few moments, I opted out of the free samples. There is a very large and unusual hardware store which was a great deal of fun to stroll through. Lots of expensive items are available to create that old country feeling.

From here we will move south a small distance to the heart of Amish country in Holmes County.

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