Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, February 02, 2009


Epcot was the third park we toured in four days. We took one day off for a correctly forecasted day of heavy rain. Epcot is the park that perhaps is best for those visiting Disney without small children and has two major areas-Future World and the World Showcase. The Land, in Future World, has a number of science related exhibits including an interesting project on growing food with little to no soil. In the same area, we particularly enjoyed the soaring ride which, if you were like me as a child, allowed you to relive the fantasy of being able to fly without any mechanical assistance.

We also enjoyed the auto testing ride and space exhibit and ride.

The World Show Case has exhibits and replica structures from eleven countries. Most of our time was taken up in visiting these country areas, where we could recall the many places we have visited in the real world and get an idea about which other places we still need to see. We had good German food in an Oktoberfest beer hall with the band banging old favorites. All of these countries had an exhibition area where they put their best foot forward in telling you about the country. The French and Canadian media presentations were very interesting.

As we waited for the end of day fireworks, we stopped by Great Britain and hit the Pub. This one had a real London pub atmosphere and was packed. We spent some pleasant time there until we heard bagpipes down the road, so we headed out to watch this concert until the fireworks.

This was definitely the best park for us and will use our fifth day pass to visit it again, if we have the energy.

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