Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bonita Springs, FL

After leaving the FMCA Rally, we headed south to Bonita Springs, FL, just north of Naples. We have spent most of the last two weeks relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, while recovering from our last (hopefully) round of colds. It is a very friendly resort filled with those escaping the northern cold and looking to have a good time. We have managed to take part in a number of the park events and activities. We have been caught up so much in the local atmosphere that we have become a bit of “home bodies”, and are now feeling the need to get back in our “normal” routine and getting out and seeing the sights.

Several members of our Ohio Winnebago Club are in a resort just down the road and also enjoying the warm weather and we have had a good time visiting with them, as well. We made an outing to a local pick your own farm and Anneke had her initiation in the skills required to select the best fruit.

Going forward we hope to present our findings in this busy area.

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