Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FMCA Rally, Brooksville, FL

We spent four days dry camping on runway 3 at the county airport in Brooksville, Fl to attend the FMCA Southeast Area rally. Unfortunately, the first two days were cold and windy with the temperatures falling into the mid teens for the first couple of nights. This was not very inviting conditions to walk around and enjoy the sights and activities. The seminar and exhibit tents were not heated and this limited our time in them, as well.

The entertainment in the evenings was good and by Friday we were enjoying better weather and looking the exhibits and the numerous motorhomes on display. Being on an active airport, we were able to watch the local air traffic come and go. The turnout for the rally was good and two runways and much of the surrounding ground was filled with motorhomes. It was a great time to wander the area and check what others were doing with their motorhomes and talk to the owners about shared interests.

The theme of the rally was –Sea Treasure Hunt- and many brave souls came out in the cold on Thursday to march in a parade with an appropriately nautical theme.

From Brooksville we head to Bonita Springs, FL, just north of Naples to check out this busy and affluent part of Florida and hopefully visit with some friends in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Need more description on derelict aircraft ( make model owner). I've seen you look beter sitting next to your pride Chuck! Again, great pictures....