Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hollywood Studios Park

Hollywood Studios Park was the second’s day activity. This was also a well laid out park with theme being Hollywood during the art deco period and the film studios making all their films on back lots and sound stages. Needless to say there were plenty of replica shopping and dining places, as well.

We enjoyed looking around at the sets and skylines and we did get a bit of the feeling of the good ole days. The two most enjoyable shows/demonstrations were the shooting of actions scenes for several movies. The most recognizable was the Indiana Jones Stunt show. Here they performed well known scenes from the movies and allowed you to see how they did the various routines. The second was a car stunt show depicting auto scenes in a small French town that will be used in an upcoming movie. At the end of the show, they played some of the action scenes from the movies in their final form. This allowed us to see how the stunts we saw were actually put to use in the movie.

We also saw the Beauty and the Beast musical and an exhibit on the development of the Walt Disney Company.

Despite the daily dose of bad economic news and speculation of doom and gloom, this was not apparent in this rather expensive park setting. The parks and resort accommodations are all nearly full and it is shoulder to shoulder in the park.

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Bianca (Hollandranch) said...

Dat ziet er heel erg leuk uit, nog veel plezier gewenst !