Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, February 23, 2007

Goodbye Arizona

I thought I would add one final note from Arizona with some pictures including a picture quiz. We had our first wild animal intrusion into the motorhome the last evening at St. David. Anneke had gone for a walk and left the screen door open. I was busy at the computer and looked up to find a roadrunner walking around the motorhome. It was not the least perturbed when I got up to encourage it back out the door. If I had more presence of mind I would have grabbed the camera before I finally got it to leave unhurriedly down the steps. I found out late that this bird had become specialized in mooching from the RVers. One of the coaches apparently regularly feeds it hamburger. So, it likely did not appreciate the short shift I gave it.

There was a great sunset for this last day as well.

Finally, a small quiz for those who are into mechanical devices from the early 1900’s. I will provide a hint that both of these items were used for many years in the food industry. Any guesses??

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Anonymous said...

It looks like some kinds of churn. Or like taffy maker or some thing like that.