Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gila Bend

5 February 2007

Today, we arrived in Gila Bend and stayed at a park recommended by Tony and Pauline. The best I can say for it is it is clean and cheap. We are on top of the Sonoran Desert National Monument and have the experience of the desert right here. We are running our air conditioner for the first time this trip, but we are not complaining, the heat is so much better than the cold.

Driving around town gives you the impression that you are in a low grade 1950’s movie. It is a bit depressing, but reportedly (travel guide) it is a prosperous town involved in the cattle industry. We did, in fact, see many feeding stations on our way here, where thousands of cattle are in the final preparation stages for that last trip to the grocery stores of America. Did I mention the smell, it is not good. I guess that is another good point for the campground-no cattle feeding stations nearby.

Despite its lack of social appeal, the town seems to attract a good number of transit RVers, who need to stop along the way or who could not find accommodations in the more desirable snowbird areas. A few pictures of main street.

Hopefully, we can visit the Organ Pipe National Monument tomorrow.

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blips said...

Lack of time prevented me to enjoy your stories and pictures. I could catch up tonight. :)
I can tell you you guys have a blast. I wish it was my time to do the same, but have to make my 40 periods f work first. :)
Keep them coming those stories and pictures. I enjoy every one of them.
Thanks for sharing.