Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Museum and whales

Yesterday, we ventured to Balboa Park in San Diego, which contains 13 museums and various other tourist attractions. We went with a package ticket that reduces the cost if you see most of the museums in a seven day period. We visited the Natural history museum, the Model Railroad museum and the San Diego Museum of Art. It is a very nice area that was originally built to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.

I am glad we bought the combined ticket, because while nice, these museums were not worth the individual entry fee. The most disappointing was the Museum of Art. While housed in a beautiful building, the exhibits were limited. The Toledo Museum of Art shines in comparison.

The Model railroad museum was mostly ongoing displays from local railroad modeling clubs, but still interesting. The Natural History museum displayed local finds from various local areas and a lot of activities for school age children.

We are looking forward to hopefully being impressed with the remaining exhibitions in the day ahead.

Today was a complete change of pace. We went whale watching. It was a great day with plenty of sun and as luck would have it plenty of whales, dolphins, seals and pelicans. Best estimate was about a dozen Gray Whales. These whales are nearing the end of the longest migration of any mammal. Round trip from Alaska to the Sea of Cortez is 12000 miles.

We also managed to get to the south of the continental United States’ most south Western point.


Wendy said...

Ik wist niet dat de zeehonden ook bij San Diego lagen. Toen wij in SF waren lag er welgeteld één zeehond op de pontons. Er stond een berg toeristen. Allemaal keken we naar die ene zeehond. Eigenlijk was het een heel komisch gezicht!!

blips said...

So you have to be there in the right time at the right moment to see the whales.?

Scratch & Goose said...

Hello goldenshoes
Thanks for the follow up on our blog. Goose and I also did the Bilboa park tour, in Aug of last year. Likewise on the quality of the museums. The company I work for sends me on working/vactions, two or three time a year, tough job but someone must do it hahaha.
I have a question??? how did you happen on our blog, because we donot publish it to the public, not that I mind you contacting me, I just tought no one else would be interested in our travels but family members.
How do you like your Meridian, The trip to LV was our longest so far...
Maybe in the future we can meet up, we will be on the road as soon as Oct, and at the lastest March 08.
Stay in touch, God bless

Scratch & Goose

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

The whales migrate from Alaska to Baja California (Mexico) between late Dec and March. They can be seen regularly in that period.

Kasaka said...

San Diego has long been on our wishlist and seeing these pictures makes me really want to go! Years ago we were there for a weekend, but had no idea what there was to do.