Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lake Mead National Recreation area

We have been taking it a bit easy leading up to the year end celebrations. On the 29th we visited a disappointing local flea market of some fame. It had little to offer but recycled junk and poor quality “new” items. To make up for this disappointment, we headed to the north end of the strip to see what one of the older casino’s had to offer at the west end of the Fremont Experience. The Main Street Station was a big surprise to us, with wonderful wood interior and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed it enough that we decided to have our first Las Vegas buffet there. This also proved to be an excellent choice, as it was the Friday night seafood buffet with Alaskan King Crabs. A very enjoyable meal. I even took a shot at the gaming tables for the first time and ended up a very small winner. The secret here is to quit while you are ahead- no matter how little.

On New Year’s Eve, we headed east to the Lake Mead National Recreation area. Enroute we stopped and made a short visit to one of the many Bureau of Land Management areas in the southwest. We drove out into the desert and walked a few lonely trails. The National recreation area is far too large to see in even several days or weeks, but we took the south direction around the lake and enjoyed the grand views, particularly at sunset. But first, we took a boat ride to the lake side of Hoover dam in the late afternoon and were treated to wonderful vistas of the area.

We returned to the coach in time to have dinner with Katie before she headed off to a New Year’s Eve celebration. As is our normal custom, we enjoyed the change of year at home and watched the madness on television. Unfortunately, we were again reminded how lucky we were with our drunk driver incident, when the local news reported that a drunk 26 year old ran a red light and killed a 55 year old woman and put her 17 year old passenger in the hospital with critical injuries.

New Year’s Day we enjoyed a holiday dinner prepared in the coach with our daughter Katie.

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Bob Audy said...

Great pictures of Lake Mead. Looks like the water level is down a bit - guess the Lakes are not the only places with low water!