Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Death Valley National Park

Tuesday, we visited Death Valley National Park, just across the border in California. It is a huge and impressive display of nature at work across the millennia. While it’s name was coined by some lost settlers who suffered greatly trying to cross the salt plain, there was only one confirmed death in the incident that led to the current name of the area. It appears to be a barren and hostile environment, yet a number of ancient people apparently survived and prospered in this region. The area remains full of animal and plant life, but still can be a deadly environment for the unprepared and foolish. The summer brings the hottest temperatures in the USA and until recently the hottest ever recorded in the world.

We managed to see some of the southern half of the park during our first visit here. The areas we visited included the Badwater area, Dantes View, Artist’s Drive, Golden Canyon, Devil’s Golf Course and the Natural Bridge. We also enjoyed the museum at the visitor center. We will have to return before we depart the area.

We are facing a winter storm warning for the area on Friday with a chance of the temperatures getting down into the teens and – yes- even the chance of SNOW.

We are staying in the Charleston Peak RV resort and Winery, where there are a lot of activities, including Texas Hold’em nights, so we are going to ride out the weather here and enjoy the company. It also has a very nice restaurant attached to the Winery.

As always, I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

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