Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Williamsburg, VA

Today was a second trip to Williamsburg, this time with our daughter, Katie. We got a late start as we had a large campfire last night with Katie and one of her classmates that went on past midnight. It was a great time and brought back many memories our camping trips when the kids were small.

This trip started with one of those life reversals that I guess one expects as both you and your children get older. We had agreed to meet and start the trip at 1000. Now much of my life, or so it seems, has been taken up waiting for our children to get ready to go any place. So, while I acknowledge we were maybe 15 minutes late starting, I was still amazed by the call that went something like-Where are you- I have gotten up and had breakfast, coffee and gassed up the car and I am ready to go. You are late! And I am not happy. HA HA, I loved it! I slowed my preparations down just a bit.

The rest of the day went smoothly and we enjoyed a walk around the colonial area and lunch in the King’s Arms again. Of course, no road trip like this would be complete without the apparently obligatory stop at the outlet mall where of course my budget suffered a few more blows.


Katie said...

You SLOWED Down when you KNEW you were late!?? Unacceptable.

And BTW, you were 48 min. late.

Wendy said...

Just found your blog and of course jealous of the adventure you are living right now!! How long will your trip last?