Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, November 27, 2006

Goodbye Pocahontas

26 and 27 November 2006

Sunday is our last day in this State Park which, except for the rain, we have enjoyed very much. I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting a rustic setting with good facilities. Katie developed this strong urge to have a game called the Wii, so she arrived at the appropriate store much before the crack of dawn to stand in line. She sent a text message to say she was successful and would arrive to show us her prize after she had a nap. Thus, we decided to spend some time hiking in the woods waiting for our daughter to arrive. It was a great day and good exercise. After our return, we prepared a campfire to end all campfires to celebrate our time here with Katie and to await her arrival. She appeared in the mid-afternoon with her prize game. Before we could start the campfire, we had to take in the gear she wished us to transport back to Las Vegas and, of course, try the game. I must admit it was good with real action with the whole body being involved. I think I hurt myself playing tennis. Just like real life! Just like the old days, she managed to trash the coach with her stuff, and yes, she left us to clean it up after her departure. AAHH-fond memories.

The campfire was indeed great and signaled an end to our time in Virginia.

On Monday we traveled to Charlotte, NC and found a very nice layover spot at the Field Ridge acres Campground. Tomorrow, we will arrive in GA to visit with our oldest daughter and her husband- Gretchen and Bo.


Wendy said...

Geweldig stukje. Ik heb een dochter van 13 en een zoon van 11. Soms kom ik thuis uit mijn werk en dan lijkt het wel of er een bom ontploft is. Voor ik het stukje las, zag ik de foto al van tennisspelende dochter en de "zooi" in de camper. Ik dacht gelijk: "O dat kan zo bij ons zijn".
Veel plezier op de volgende locatie!

Katie said...