Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, November 12, 2006

It was a breeze

We departed Staunton, VA on 10 Nov and headed toward Pocahontas State Park near Richmond , VA to visit with Katie for her birthday and stay thru Thanksgiving. We had an uneventful trip (always good!). Based on past transitions of the "Breezewood" interchange, we were a bit nervous of hitting this area with a decidedly bigger rig that we have had in the past. This time we lucked out and the traffic was the lightest we have ever seeen here, and we arrived at the StatePark in mid-afternoon. It is VA's largest State Park and has a newly enlarged and improved campground that makes camping a pleasure surrounded by beautiful counrtyside and of course many historical sights and history galore.

On the 11th, we enjoyed a BBQ with Katie and her training classmates at their hotel. They are a nice group of people, spending several months away from home base, learning new skills to serve their country. It was the right time to have this get together, as it was veteran's day .

Today is the 12th and we are being pounded by heavy rains for the last 7 hours, but we will have to brave the weather to meet Katie and celebrate her birthday.


Katie said...

Thanks for the Birthday Dinner!

Aad said...

On my site Rotterdam in Beeld there's a link to your weblog. Be carefull, keep to the right; the whole world is watching you

Anonymous said...

I am envious, wij wensen jullie een prachtige reis, het zuiden van Californie op het ogenblik heeft ideaal weer, zonnig niet te heet, niet te koud.
groetjes, Johan en Bettie Van Olden, enz., Sun City, Californie, Riverside County

Anonymous said...

Dear Chuck en mijn vriendinnetje vanaf de lagere school in Ridderkerk:leuk om alles te lezen en ik hoop dat jullie leuke jaren tegemoet gaan. En Anneke:Ik hoop zo dat onze mailcontacten frequent door gaan. Groeten aan Katie en Heather.