Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, November 23, 2006


It rained all day the 21st, 22nd and all this morning for a grand total of three days with high winds. A good size tree across from our spot failed during the wind storm and luckily went into the woods and not towards us. This on top of the big storm last week that gave us four inches of rain in only a little over 8 hours.

Like a number of holidays in the past, while camping or boating, there are issues that always seem to arise on the holiday. This time it was weather related and dealing with the bugs in a new motorhome. By chance we looked in some out of the out of the way storage areas of the coach and discovered a lot of moisture. So the hunt was on. One area was easily discovered and repaired with a bit more conduit putty. However, the leak inside the coach in the bedroom was both more troubling and uncertain as to source. I believe I have finally isolated it to the rear seal of the bedroom slide. A fix on this is pending support advice from our dealer via e-mail.

We are just trying for the first time our convection open. We managed to get the pumpkin pie baked correctly and will find out how the Turkey turns out in a few hours. I wonder how a sandwich will sit with Katie if this project goes south?

Despite these minor annoyances, we have a lot to be thankful for including our families and good health ( for our age-as my doctor likes to say). We have two children in the military, our daughter Katie, who we are here to visit, in this rain infested area and our son-in-law who is stationed in FL, but soon will be sent to Iraq. So we are always very aware of the risks of life. We are also thankful that our oldest daughter and her husband, Gretchen and Bo, are expecting their first child in the spring.

We also wish all our friends and family a very happy and safe (and dry) thanksgiving!!


Kasaka said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everything works out with the meal. And the weather is supposed to improve greatly tomorrow, so hopefully all will dry out quickly.

Blips said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Your first adventure is for real as I read. But it is good to get all issues solved before you'r too far from a RV dealer.
The weather is something you can not control and I think you have the right attitude. I hope the cooking was successful otherwise its a fried egg I'm afraid off. :) (Happens to me when I make a mess)Good luck with that. At least you have pumpkin pie, my favorite.
Thank you for sharing your story, our thoughts are with you.