Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving Yellowstone NP

We finished our Yellowstone park exploration with a stop to see old faithful and then make the scenic trip from West Yellowstone thru the park via the southern loop to Cody, WY. We spotted our last wildlife and enjoyed views of Yellowstone Lake with the motorhome in the background. This trip to Cody was Halley’s only time in the park. She seemed to enjoy the walk in the woods and showed some interest in Yellowstone Lake.

Leaving the eastern entrance to the park, after passing over snow covered passes we descended in to Cody enjoying the wonderful countryside as we went. This trip was as enjoyable as any of the many scenic roads we have traveled and worth the journey just for the vistas.

Back at lower altitudes, we noticed an immediate increase in temperatures, which are most welcome. We will spend a few days here revisiting an area we have not been to in 24 years.


Sue and Doug said...

great shot today!!..I am a big fan of those windshield shots!!..even the snow on the side of the roads looks fantastic!!

Diana said...

Love the eagle shot, and the elk one too. That big guy has quite a harem! I can't believe it snowed there this early.