Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dollywood was selected as our tourist entertainment stop. This was based largely on the fact that we wanted to see what it looked like after a 22 year absence. We had come here with our second motorhome with two small girls and Anneke’s sister and husband. The area had changed greatly and depending on your perspective not necessarily for the better.

The park was well maintained and on this Monday very quiet. We were able to attend the shows and other entertainment venues along with several rides without ever having to wait in a line. Of course, the park has changed quite a bit, but still is probably one of the better places to come with a family both for cost and opportunity to do a lot of the things offered in the area in one place. The park is focused on the Smokey Mountains and its heritage. This is certainly because Dolly Parton was born and raised just a few miles from the park.

We enjoyed our day here, and who knows. maybe we will be back in another 22 years or sooner!

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