Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, May 28, 2010

Amish country

We are camped in the middle of the Pennsylvania Amish country within walking distance of downtown Intercourse, Pa. We are also temporary neighbors of several Amish farms. We are able to look back in time and watch their daily activities without ever leaving the campground. The women and children come by the campground offering fresh fruit for sale and we can observe some of the fruit picking directly behind the motorhome.

It is also planting time for many of the summer crops and the farmers are very busy dawn to dusk tending the fields. Just as I remember growing up on a farm myself, this is a process the whole family is expected to take part in. While this is certainly not the lifestyle most would chose to live, it is fascinating to watch at a leisurely pace.

We will continue to explore the area for the next few days.


Margie M. said...

You are in one of our favorite spots in the whole country and your photos are fabulous. There is just something about the simple lifestyle of the Amish that is interesting to me. Thanks for sharing your day.

Judy and Emma said...

Great pics of the Amish lifestyle. I especially like the close up one showing the farmer planting. I remember breaking down once near Lancaster. :(

I wanted you to know that I follow your blog, and your posts show up on my blogger dashboard, but for some reason it doesn't show up on your follower's list. Hmmm...don't know why that it.