Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Visiting friends

On Saturday we visited friends that we have known since the early 1980’s when we all lived around Cleveland, Ohio. With the transient nature of life today, we have not seen each other often since those days in Cleveland, but as luck would have it, they now reside near Denver.

We met Dirk and Kryna at their home in Littleton, Co and quickly started to catch up on events since the last time we saw each other. We decided to take in a little of the local area. We started with a tour of Red Rocks-This is an Amphitheatre concert park constructed among some beautiful red rock formations that are not unlike the formations in the Garden of the Gods. This park has been in operation since 1941.

We then headed to the town of Golden, CO. It is a thriving town that lives fully in the present but also remembers its past. Its slogan of “where the west lives” reflects this duality. Of course, it may be best known as the home of Coors beer, which was started here in the late 1800’s along Clear Creek. The statue of Buffalo Bill Cody is a reminder of how much this well known western figure loved the area. In fact, Buffalo Bill is buried nearby on Lookout Mountain.

We walked the town and enjoyed the blend of the historic park with busy activity along Clear Creek. We found a good restaurant for a lunch which would not be complete without having the famous local brew.

After lunch, we did some more exploring and headed back to Dirk and Kryna’s to continue our discussions and an attempt at resolving the world’s problems. Then a great BBQ and more conversation.

We had very nice visit.


dickjacq said...

I have found your blog by visiting Hans and Bianca from hollandranch. Great to read your adventures and enjoy your great pics.
greeting from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Dad, you look happy :)
I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves.
- Heather

Anonymous said...

Hallo Anneke en Chuck,

Ben weer helemaal bij met lezen. Leuke en mooie foto's geven een indruk van het prachtige Amerika. Nog veel reisplezier!!!


Margreeth said...

Hallo Anneke en Chuck,
Ben weer helemaal bij met lezen. Mooie en leuke foto's zodat we een goed beeld krijgen van het prachtige Amerika. Nog veel reisplezier.