Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, June 26, 2009

Gunnison, CO

We left Canon City and headed west on Route 50, climbing steeply to cross Monarch Pass, then a steep descent into the valley to reach Gunnison, CO. It was a good test of the engine as we climbed with temperatures in the high 80’s. A number of big rigs and RV’s were struggling and occasionally we passed one by on the side of the road waiting for the engines to cool down.

It was interesting to watch a number of bicyclists climbing at a slow but steady pace. We arrived at the pass without incident and did a quick walk around. Then it was down the other side on an equally steep grade. Going down can often be more difficult than the climb if something goes wrong. Should the brakes have problems, it is a long way between runaway ramps. With the engine brake on the coach, we had no issues.

We arrived at our campground that overlooks the longest lake in Colorado and is well known for its great fishing. We located a spot with a wild flower garden and set camp and explored the area. Since we have been here, we have had lots of compliments on “our” garden.

The weather continues to be poor and we will have to work around it to see the local sights.

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George Chesney said...

Wow, does this make me homesick for the West! Beautiful country. Why would anyone want to be anywhere else? Enjoy! (Love the "garden".)