Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The gold mines

Above the town of Victor looms the remnant of the past glory of the shaft mines, the largest of which was the famous Portland Gold Mine. Today on the property owned by the Victor Gold Mining Company are hiking trails and exhibits explaining how these mines functioned. You can also drive on the mine property and get a spectacular view of the current operations which are in the shadow of Pike ’s Peak Mountain.

They have signs warning you to watch closely for the mining vehicles, as they do not stop for traffic and clearly you do not want to tangle with them. The overlook is at 10, 745 feet, just a few hundred feet lower than the nearby Pike’s Peak. The mining exhibits are interesting but the open pit mine is unbelievable in size and scope. They are tearing down the mountain, removing the gold with mercury and cyanide and dumping the left over’s back on the ground to form a sort of crushed rock mountain.

The rumor we heard in the town was that all the gold was leaving the country. We could not independently verify that rumor. However, the web site does indicate headquarters in South Africa.

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Bianca (Hollandranch) said...

Dat is zeker fascinerend om te zien maar eigenlijk vind het ook altijd zonde van de natuur want het is me niet een oppervlak wat afgegraven wordt. Hier vlakbij is een steenkolenmijn/afgraving en dat ziet er ongeveer net zo uit, een GAT zo groot onvoorstelbaar en die machines die daar rijden wil je zeker niet mee in botsing komen.