Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RV buddies

Our friends Corrie and Dan Ryan stopped by for a brief visit on their way back from an RV trip of the Atlantic Coast of Florida. It was a good time and a chance to catch up on the latest news. We have not seen them since they visited us here last year over the holidays.

It is also good to spend some time with fellow full timers and find how they do things. We decided to go on a sightseeing daytrip together and have Dan plot the course. We have been well aware that Dan is a museum enthusiast and that he has an interest in, shall we say, off beat sights. Today we got a look at the offbeat part first hand.

We have been in Ft Walton Beach many times over the last few years, but apparently missed some of Dan’s must see items. The first stop was to view the statue of The Maytag repairman atop an appliance center noted on the internet. Upon arrival at the address we did find a sign using the characters from the Home Improvement show: AL and Wilson Wilson, but no Maytag guy. Dan went to inquire and found that he had been blown off the roof in a hurricane and was not going to be remounted. We were invited to perhaps have the last public look at him in the back lot. It was a sad sight and I suspect that he may soon only be a fading memory.

Next we had to see the oldest Goofy Golf location in America. What can I say, Dan found it very interesting. I noted that it was very well maintained and looked like a good place to do some putt putt.

Finally, we enjoyed a scenic drive along 31A that takes you along the coast between Destin and Panama City. We particularly enjoyed the developments at Seaside and ALYS. Two very different styles of coastline living. Dan reported that the movie “Truman” was filmed in Seaside. We will be waiting for prices to continue to fall before we start looking for a home in this area.

We finished the day with a beautiful sunset back at our campground.

Tomorrow we depart the area and say goodbye to Heather and Ryan and head down the road.


Corrie and Dan Ryan said...

Hey! you used the photos we were going to use for our BLOG! oh well. great to see you guys as always. next time we will have to plan it better for a longer get together. maybe that state park we found an 30A. - corrie & dan

Corrie and Dan Ryan said...

ps - name of the movie shot in Seaside, FL, was "The Truman Show". "Truman" was a HBO movie about president harry. - corrie & dan