Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nashville, IN

Our second and final stop on our anniversary caravan trip was Nashville, IN, in the heart of Brown County. The small town is best known for its Little Nashville Opry, where newcomers, the famous and nearly famous perform on a stage not unlike the stage at the original Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN. We arrived at our planned campground with all eight motorhomes still together and set up for our regular social events. We enjoyed wonderful weather and good companionship.

We took in two shows at the Opry, the first night was “local talent” and they were very good. The second night we saw Bobby Bare, who likely hit his peak in the 1960’s. He was good and he certainly had a lot of loyal fans in the crowd, but the truth is, we enjoyed the local talent more. It often seems that the semi- amateur talent is as good as or better than the pros. Feel free to apply that to any situation you might dream up.

We also took a tour of the Bare Feet sock company, which was started in a school teacher’s basement and now occupies an old school/mansion and additional buildings that make quality USA made socks and supplies many markets including professional sports teams. While I cannot say that I have always been curious about the production of socks, I did find it interesting and developed more respect for the idea of quality socks vs. cheap. I can now say that I have a number of pairs of USA made quality socks. How about soybean, bamboo fiber and recycled plastic bottle socks?? They make them and look and feel good.

Of course, with the attractions of the entertainment and the beauty of the surrounding area, it will come as no surprise that Nashville, IN has become one huge gift shop. It continues to fascinate me how, wherever there is a natural or man made legitimate attraction the gift shop hoards always flood the area. What I find equally confusing is how there are always people buying the stuff, as if they had never seen the like before, even though it is the same stuff they sell everywhere.

When all is set and done, we had a very nice time on this caravan. It was all about the people we traveled with and not the gift shops.

Before departing the area, we will check out some of the natural fall beauty of the area in the form of the Brown County State Park.

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