Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in Georgia

We are currently at one of our favorite destinations-Resaca, GA. Now this very small town may not be on many (any) tourist destinations lists, but it is the home of our Daughter Gretchen, husband Bo and our grandson, Aleister. As can be expected, there have been lots of changes since our last visit in June. First, Aleister is walking and growing bigger and bolder by the day. And there is steady progress on the house addition that will more than double the size of the original house. There has been perhaps more than the usual delays in the project, with the usual contractor issues, but it looks to be coming very close to completion soon.

It has been a lot of fun spending time in the backyard with Aleister and enjoying his apparently boundless energy and curiosity.

We took a bit of time today to visit a Civil War Confederate Cemetery in Resaca, where 240 confederate soldiers are buried in the first civil war cemetery in Ga. These soldiers fell during the battle of Resaca and surrounding areas during General Sherman’s march south in 1864. The town of Dalton just north of Resaca was an important production and transportation center that was a key target of the Union Army. The battles were bloody and in the end General Sherman rolled past the defenses and proceeded on to Atlanta and the Gulf of Mexico.

These soldiers were originally buried where they fell, many on a plantation that was the scene of one of these battles. This cemetery became a reality due to the efforts of one woman, Mary Green, who wanted to see these soldiers have a proper burial site.

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