Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gibsonburg, Ohio

After completing our motorhome service, we headed to Gibsonburg, Ohio to meet two couples for a weekend camping get together. We know Kay, Marty, Barb and Paul from the local welcome club, where card games take front and center. This weekend is devoted to some hiking, campfires, and learning a new game called Mexican train dominoes. We also explored the local communities of Gibsonburg and Elmore.

There are several water filled quarries here, one on our campground and one just down the road that we discovered was extensively used by area diving clubs. Both of the communities are good examples for small Ohio towns still able to maintain their small downtown areas, even if a lot of the stores are of the gift and antique variety.

One of these I found particularly interesting. It was an antique shop for men. I could not decide if many of the items were being presented tongue in cheek or not. Two examples of this were ladies panties being offered for $7,500 and a first edition of a James Bond novel for 17,500. The panties were claimed to belong to Eva Braun (girl friend and briefly and fatally the wife of Hitler) found in the Berlin bunker. I noted that the 17,500 book was laying on the counter for anyone to thumb thru, while other books for $30 were locked in a case??? I also enjoyed some of the owner made vintage art?

After a short stay at Maumee Bay State Park, we will be heading to a Winnebago rally in Clyde, Ohio

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