Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Oklahoma City was the next logical stop on our push east and it also happens to be a city I was stationed in for four years back in the 70’s. It is also where my oldest daughter, Gretchen, was born. We stayed here for several days to look the place over and see what has changed. Not surprisingly, quite a bit. The city has grown and looks to be prospering. We looked at my old house, which seems to have held up really well and the airport where I spent a lot of my spare time flying small airplanes.

Our first tourist spot was the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which has grown to three times the size it was when I lived here. This is a massive complex which provides a solid look into the history of the west and the cowboy experience. It also has many exhibits on the Native American experience, as well.

There is a large exhibit on the west in movies and TV. This brought back many childhood memories.

Unfortunately photography was not allowed in many of the halls. If you have a real interest in these subjects, you could spend many days in the museum and still want to come back for more. There is a complete small cattle town staged at sunset, 1300 different types of barbed wire collection, extensive history of rodeo, cowgirls, trail drives, and on and on.

The art exhibits and gun collections alone are worth the visit.

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Bianca (Hollandranch) said...

Vind dat een heel mooi beeld van "the end of the trail" maar vooral zo ontzettend droevig.

Veel plezier op jullie reis