Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, April 04, 2008

Amarillo steak

We stopped for the night at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park on the East side of the city. It was a very nice park with friendly staff. The lady behind the counter recommended a locally famous restaurant called the Big Texan that has a free 72 oz (about 2 kilos) steak for anyone that can eat it in one hour. The restaurant provides a free limo pick up from the campground and a free desert.

So off we went. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so we were unable to capture the atmosphere of wild life mounted on the walls and the layout reminiscent of an old west bordello. It was a huge place with mostly family style seating. A table was setup on a platform, similar to that for a bride and groom at a wedding, for those that accept the challenge of eating the 72 oz steak. They also have a hotel, where you can recover after the challenge is done.

Our waiter said that they have had at least one taker every day and that about ten percent gets the meal free.

We had a nice meal consisting of a standard size steak and a piece of carrot cake that has taken two days for the two of us to eat.
While we were there, two contestants tackled the big meal. We left before the hour was up, but I would say one of the two had a chance to complete the meal. It seemed that most of the customers came by the raised table to chat with the contestants and take pictures. And me without my camera :(

To fill in the picture gap, I have included a few shots of the trip from Amarillo to Oklahoma City. Included in these are scenes of life on the road and a quick picture of the largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere (or so the sign indicated).

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The Bandy's said...

I've heard of that steakhouse. Sounds like a hoot!