Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in Ohio

As we left Oklahoma City, we had planned a leisurely trip thru Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana before arriving back in Toledo. Unfortunately, we found ourselves between several severe weather patterns crossing the plains promising possible tornadoes and grape fruit size hail. It seemed to be the prudent thing to push northeast to Toledo as quickly as possible, so we returned just under two weeks ago.

We have been adjusting to being back in a stick house after nearly six months in the motorhome. During this jaunt, we visited 16 states and stayed in 32 campgrounds, while putting just under 7000 miles on the motorhome. There were many thousands of pictures taken, family and friends visited and new places discovered. It was, overall, a great trip and we are sorry to see it end. The good news is that we hope to be back on the road with our summer adventures within the next few weeks.

We have already taken care of many of the items on the list to get accomplished with the house (still waiting for that perfect buyer) and many of our annual chores. We are looking forward to seeing friends we have not seen in many months. We already got together with our Winnebago and Dutch Clubs for some good food and conversation.
We visited our beautiful Botanical Garden which is just coming in to bloom and is a stark change from the desert southwest.

This trip again demonstrated the wonderful things that can be seen and done inside the borders of this great country. There are still so many sites to see and places to go. I can only hope that we and the motorhome will hold up to do it all!

This blog will continue to be updated regularly.


Katie said...

I like the map... but not sure what the numbers indicate. I don't think you should take those windows off.....

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Katie, I made the map for grandpa, and mailed it to him. If you look in the right bottom corner you can see what it means. This is where our family lives.


Anonymous said...

I saw the number representation at the bottom of the map:) Wow, that bush at the front of the house really grew! It looks really pretty!


Linda R. Moore said...

Wow, what a wonderful adventure. :)

I look forward to your next one this summer!

Katie said...

I see it now... I was number 5. You guys should do that every year, and each year use a different color marker or something...