Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lake Havasu City

16 March 2008
We have spent the last week in Lake Havasu City, AZ and have enjoyed it greatly. We have been staying at the Havasu RV Resort, which is a RV owner resort. This is where each lot is sold to an individual and the owners share the costs of the operation of the office and amenity facilities. This particular operation is very nice and seems to be well run. If we were looking for a winter home, this would be high on the list.

This area is centrally located between Las Vegas to the North and Phoenix to the south. The big draw for us would be the Colorado River and Lake Havasu. Of course the local attraction is the London Bridge, which was moved from London stone by stone in the late 1960’s and located in Lake Havasu City. Unfortunately, the English Village that was the other attraction next to the bridge has fallen on hard times and is closed and reportedly going to be replaced by condos. The area is much “neater” than Pahrump, since it has a very short history. The town was started by Mr. Mccullock-of chain saw fame in the 1960’s. The lake itself was formed when Parker Dam was built to the south in the 1930’s to control the Colorado River.

We took an enjoyable jet boat ride on the lake and Colorado River and spotted some Big Horn Sheep and wild burros that are descended from burros released by miners after the local mines shut down operations decades ago. The river had spectacular views and displayed evidence of its powerful past in the rock formations. There are a number of large circular depressions in the rocks at least forty feet above current water levels that were formed by the powerful currents in the river in centuries gone by.

There was some excitement on the downtown waterfront as spring breakers arrived on the scene and enjoyed the weather which included temperatures into the 90’s on several days.

We also had an enjoyable visit from our daughter Katie and Halley with an overnight stay.

Lake Havasu City has been added to our currently very short list of places that we would consider living at some point in the future.

We leave for parts north tomorrow with some trepidations, as snow is falling along interstate 40 with reports tonight of a deadly accident near Flagstaff with several multi car pile ups and as much as 40 miles of the interstate closed at this hour.

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