Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jerome, AZ

23 march 2008

Jerome, AZ is another AZ mining town that grew to over 15000 in the early 1900’s mining copper and quickly fell in to bad times with as few as 50 residents. Like many other such towns, it has rediscovered itself as a tourist trap and haven to local artists. I can only wonder if any of these small southwest towns are not a haven for artists and the stuff they peddle.

Jerome claims to be the best known of these old mining towns and who am I to question that. I only heard of it after arriving in the area. Never the less, it seems to be doing well, especially since we visited in the heart of the spring break season. The town sits high on Cleopatra hill with a wonderful view of the surrounding valley. As can be expected, it is currently filled with art galleries, restaurants and gift shops. Of special note is the fact that three of the prominent business that were there during the mining heyday are still remembered and honored in the town today That is to say- three Bordellos.

Based on a recommendation we received while visiting Williams, AZ we may have to return to try the haunted hamburger in one of the local restaurants of note. The items in the gift shops can be found in every town in the southwest.

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Wendy said...

Geweldige omgeving. Sedona vonden wij schitterend!!