Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chloride, AZ

On our second day in Kingman, we headed to the almost ghost town of Chloride, AZ -20 miles north of Kingman. One of many towns that is barely hanging on after the mine closures. It has a very small permanent population and is most noted for its murals painted by local artists on rocks in the hills above the town and the few small gift shops in town. We drove in on a small dirt road and headed first to see the murals. After the first few hundred yards on the primitive road to the murals, we left the car along the side of the “road” to prevent damage and hiked the 1.6 miles to the murals. They did not mention in the guide books that this was more or less straight up. We passed the remains of one of the mines on the way and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the climb.

On return to town, the first stop was a local silversmith, where Anneke found just the thing as an award for making the hike-a locally made Agate necklace. It was clear from a stroll around town, that to live here is to love solitude and quiet.

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