Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harrison Lake State Park

16-20 September 2007
After the hectic activities of the Samboree, we headed to a small state park in Northwest Ohio- Harrison Lake State Park for a little slow time. We did some biking around the lake, enjoyed the scenic surroundings and when the mosquitoes allowed, the traditional campfire evening. The campground has some very large spaces, one of which we really enjoyed for our visit. I also made a special effort to get to the Park water tower one morning to see the locally famous vultures, which spend some of their time roosting on the tower.

One day we drove over to Shipsawana, IN for the Tues Flea Market with hundreds of vendors. We managed to see most of it without buying too much stuff. We took advantage of being in Amish country to visit a few of the stores we discovered in past visits to stock up on some specialty food items.

On our a last full day in the area, we drove to Archbold, OH to look over the town that has been described in the past as the most well to do small town in Ohio. It was a very well kept place with pleasant streets and neighborhoods. There were several large businesses in evidence, which may account for the well to do reputation. We also found an old fashioned diner, which was too good to pass up.

Next we are off to another group gathering with folks that we met at the Samboree.


Wendy said...

Als ik die foto's zo zie van jullie RV, dan begin ik helemaal te twijfelen of wij onze aankomende reis ook niet met een camper moeten doen....

PS. Begrijpt Chuck ook het Nederlands?

Bianca (Hollandranch) said...

Ah wat een leuke diner, wordt er helemaal hebberig van als ik al die signs zie hangen aan de muur.
Ziet er heel leuk uit allemaal