Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good Sam Rally

14 September 2007
Tuesday we arrived at the Fulton County Fair Grounds to attend the Ohio Good Sam club fall Oktoberfest Samboree, which is a rally of Good Sam Members. We have not attended one of these events before and are looking forward to seeing what they are like. We have arrived several days before the rally officially begins, but even so we were far from the first. We were the 87th unit to check in. We were told that they were expecting over 400 campers to attend. So it certainly will be the largest event that we have attended.

We have already met a number of folks from around Ohio, were badly beaten in a Euchre tournament, and enjoyed a number of discussions about the activities at these events.
Wednesday we visited the Oberhaus antique car and other collectibles display owned by Ed and Alyce Oberhaus located in Archbold, Ohio. This is their personal collection of cars and other memorabilia that they have acquired over many years. Four of us from the rally went together and we were lucky enough to have Ed Oberhaus come out in the exhibit area and give us a personal tour of some of his favorite items including cars and an organ with a family history. He is a fascinating person. He is 86 years old and still lives on the land he was born on. He has owned and operated a parts manufacturing business along with other enterprises in the local area.

It was a very enjoyable way to spend several hours and learn some of the history of his family and the items they have collected. If you want to see this exhibit, I would not waste any time, as he indicated that it all may all go on the auction block in the near future. If you are a collector of cars, it may be a good opportunity to pick up one or more that have been very well cared for.


Dan & Corrie Ryan said...

So where did you take pictures of the Penny "beer cans"? Was it a beer can collection open to public, or private collection of an RV'r? I remember these from late 70s in UK. Can't remember if there were six or more in the series, but the series showed Penny at various times of day in different degrees of dress (or more like undress) leading up to bedtime. The beer was nothing great, but cans definitely caught your attention. Not sure such a product would survive in today's PC world. - dan

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

In the interest of space, I did not include a picture of the beer can wall, but there are are many old label cans in the Oberhaus collection.

I can share with you the other pictures I have of the Penny cans. I had not seen them before and so took a few pictures. These will go up in the auction I mentioned in the blog.