Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Repairs in Pensacola

7 December 2006

Today was to be a travel day with a short stop at Carpenter RV in Pensacola, FL for a repair to a water leak discovered during our stay on the Emerald coast. Getting ready for departure, we also discovered that the left front hydraulic jack was sticking and failing to come up the last three inches. This required some manual pressure to push it in before departure.

We did not have an appointment at Carpenters, but they very kindly agreed to try and look at our now two issues in lieu of just one. It turned out the water leak was more difficult than I had diagnosed (what a surprise!) and required more tear down than first thought. I would have never found the real problem as it was a toilet seal that was leaking and traveling some six feet to where it was displaying the leak to my view. Luckily the technician was smarter than me. In the end they were able to fix both problems, but left us short on travel time. We decided to stay at Carpenter’s RV, as they have a free camp spot for those who are getting service. The repairs were covered by warranty and the staff could not have been more helpful and courteous. I can highly recommend them to anyone needing work in this area.

Not to let the grass grow under our feet while waiting for the repairs, we headed to downtown Pensacola to view the historic district. There are a number of interesting places to explore including one city block devoted to the historic past of the town, where there are a number of museums and historic buildings. We took the over view walk.

Tomorrow, we hope to complete are journey to Houma, LA.

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blips said...

What a good find a leek that far from the source. I bet you are so happy to go to the right place although you never know before.
Have a good stay. :)