Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hopefully tomorrow will be better

10 December 2006

Today was not a particularly good day for us. We were involved in an accident with a drunk driver. The short version is that as we were turning into a fuel station there was a big bang followed by a lot of frenzied activity. I could not understand how this could have happened at first, but when I observed the police removing the classic “open container” from the other vehicle, followed by a unsuccessful demonstration of sobriety, hand cuffs and loading driver into police car, it was a little clearer if not more acceptable. The only goods news is that we were not injured, nor the other driver. We were able to drive away and are going to try to have motorhome checked out thoroughly tomorrow. What else can I say?


blips said...

Now that is such a shame a drunk driver.
You know it is a pity that the police has no power to stop people just to check if they drive drunk. In the Netherlands they actually do that. Here you can get away with drunk driving easy unless you make a mistake. I always hope they choose a tree instead of me.
Glad you guys are ok and it is a little scratch but could be more then that, hard to see from the picture.

blips said...

Have a look at this, I only can say eat more veggies. :)

Wendy said...

Handjes dichtknijpen dat het goed afgelopen is.
Als je veel kilometers maakt loop je natuurlijk een grotere kans dat zo iets gebeurt. Een dronken bestuurder is een ongeleid projectiel. Echt een engeltje bij jullie dus, dat het goed is afgelopen.

Anonymous said...

Obviously no one wants to be in an accident, especially one involving a drunk driver. Considering the circumstances though, it could have been so much worse - imagine if it had happened in the middle of a highway? I'm glad you are both safe and the RV was driveable. There always seems to be something waiting for you when you have a brand new shiny vehicle - whether it's a dent or a smash.

Bo once bought a new car and had the dealer deliver it to his job - when he was done with work he found someone had hit his car and not even left a note - he hadn't even driven it yet and it was smashed.

Let's hope you've gotten yours out of the way now and your future trips will be smooth and crunch free.