Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Biking along the sands

6 December 2006

We have spent two more evenings visiting with Heather and Ryan and have now said farewell until we meet again in Las Vegas for the holidays. We spent some time yesterday evening studying the fish in the gigantic new fish tank that Ryan has installed.

We visited the Hurlburt Air base today and walked the aircraft display honoring the planes and men/women who have served in battles of the past.

Also, today we took an extensive bike ride on Navarre Beach and observed the continued construction and repair that has been ongoing for the two years since the last big hurricane came roaring thru the area. There are still many buildings that have not been started on and still many other vacant lots that once held homes. We went past the end of ongoing work onto the road that is closed down to traffic and headed west on the barrier island that has not seen any effort to cleanup or repair. Here you can still see the results of the hurricane landing.

Tomorrow we head west with our next destination of Houma, La to visit Dan and Corrie Ryan. Enroute we will stop and visit a RV service center to hopefully get an annoying water line leak repaired. This stop will undoubtedly turn this leg of the journey from a one day jaunt into two days.

We have enjoyed this stop, just as we have the ones before it on this journey. We are now looking forward to the next adventure.

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I like the pictures of the plane.