Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Pony Express, Jesse James and 158 years of history

We traveled north along the Missouri River  to our next stop on the Lewis and Clark Trail at the World of Fun Campground located on the grounds of an amusement park of the same name.  It is a very nice place, but can imagine it would be very crowded and noisy during the busy season. 

Our first excursion was to St Joseph, MO.  The first stop was the Pony Express Museum that is in the original building of the first Pony Express station.  This was the starting point of the westward mail route via horseback riders.  The museum provides an overview of the operation of the mail service and of the very young riders who made the long rides to and from the west coast. This was a short lived service, but was an important part of the communications from east to west during its operation.  Once the arrival of the telegraph and expanded rail service was in place, the Pony Express became obsolete.

The Patee House Museum National Landmark was founded as a luxury hotel in 1858.  It also housed the headquarters of the Pony Express.  During the Civil War, it was occupied by the Union Army, where war trials were conducted in the Grand ballroom. Today, it holds an amazing collection of American artifacts. In addition to displays on its history, it has railroad cars, an operating carousel and many reflections of  life throughout its 158 year history.  Many hours could be spent wandering the two floors of exhibits. 


Just outside the hotel, is the home of Jesse James moved a few blocks from its original location, where Jesse James was shot and killed by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882. The bullet hole in the wall is still visible. 


Diana said...

I did the Lewis and Clark trip back in 2010, and may do it again next year. Love seeing what you are doing!

where's weaver said...

I would love to visit these museums. That Jesse was a trip. He looks a bit scary.

Jim and Sandie said...

I would love that Pony Express Museum. And Jesse is always interesting.

Nickie Jim said...

I think most people are surprised to learn that the Pony Express was in service for only a short period of time. So much fun following historical routes. Great photos you posted.

Laura Skjenna said...

you write a great travel guide.