Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, June 30, 2011

R and R

In this case that is some repairs and relaxation.

After leaving the Mansfield rally, we headed straight to our dealer in Delta, OH. We bought the motorhome from them and feel that they have that magic combination of skill and honesty that can be relied on to get the job done. We have been having a problem with the bedroom slide creeping in every few days a couple of inches. I have searched for leaks but could not locate any. I also checked the fluid reservoir and was able to add almost a quart of fluid to get it to the middle of the dip stick. This did not solve the problem. We also had lost our satellite signal a few weeks ago and I found that the cable coming out of the covered roof dish was rusted through and I felt that there were going to be issues inside the cover. Finally, there was an intermittent problem with the right rear brake and running lights.

The satellite was repaired by replacing the internal and external signal cable connections. A careful search of the hydraulic system revealed that the system was tight with no leaks to be found. They concluded that there was either dirt in the bedroom slide solenoid or a internal leak allowing the fluid to slowly drain back into the reservoir. In either case, they felt that it would not lead to a catastrophe failure of the valve and leave me stuck. If I could live with the slide creep, I could keep moving. I decided to live with it until the fall service. I will likely replace the valve at that time.

As so often happens, the seemingly simplest problem, the lights, was the most annoying to fix. The connection between the cable run and the rear light was failing and several panels had to be removed and wires pulled to replace the connectors and then reassemble.

Next we moved to one of our favorite campgrounds, Maumee Bay State Park, along the shores of Lake Erie east of Toledo, OH. In the week we have been here, we have been busy visiting with friends and getting some flash back from our years living in the area. We also squeezed in some dog maintenance.

One of those flashbacks was to visit the marina where we kept our sailboat. In those days, there was barely an empty slip and activity of some kind every day of the week. On our last visit we found that the owners were going to go under and later we received an announcement about a new start up with new management. So a few days ago, we stopped by and found a rather sad looking place. One thing I do not miss is the Mayflies and they are still here in force. Still it brought back fond memories of the time spent here and on the water of Lake Erie. We can only hope that things improve enough to bring boaters back.


Judy and Emma said...

I think mayflies can be bad, but Texas love bugs are awful! :)

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

What a nice place for some R&R! Sorry about the repairs. It seems to be one of those normal things in this life.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

The slides and levelers can be very toublesome at times. You did everything right, and I agree it is a problem in the valve, they are known for small leaks back to the tank.

At least it is not something that would put your MH in "Charlie". ;c)

Rick and Paulette said...

Great to see you can carry on and get those repairs taken care of in the fall during your regular service.

Sue and Doug said...

nice to get the repairs all taken care of for now..enjoy sitting and relaxing.!!

Donna K said...

Looks like you have a nice place to relax when you aren't doing all the grass. Halley doesn't look all that happy to be having a bath!!

Margie and Roger said...

Oh those darn repairs! They do seem to be just a part of this RV lifestyle. Looked like a good place to relax though. Halley's photo was so funny! Poor baby!