Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, June 13, 2011

Frankfort Capitol

When you can read this post that means we have finally escaped the black hole of internet service at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton OH. We spent several days exploring the sights of Frankfort, KY before heading on to Dayton. Since Frankfort in the state capital, the first thing on our agenda was a visit to the state capitol building. This is one of those must see items whenever we find ourselves in a state capital.

The current state capitol is the fourth building to serve in that capacity since the state was formed. Construction was started in 1904 and the building was dedicated 1910. The facing on most of the building is marble, granite and limestone, with only small amounts of marble coming from outside the United States.

We took the guided informative tour and leaned about the history and construction of the building. The tour also provided a bit of insight in KY politics and details on how each of the branches of government operates in the state. Details of this information are available in the links.

Next door to the capitol is the executive mansion, which unfortunately was closed the day we were there, but tours are available at times. We were able to walk around the gardens and the exterior of the building.

We always find these capitol visits worthwhile and certainly that was the case this time, as well.


John and Ellen said...

Enjoyed the photos of this beautiful old building as well as the history! State capitols are a favorite here too.


Judy and Emma said...

State Capitol buildings are always interesting, and usually magnificent. Thanks for sharing Kentucky's. :)

E Squared and Mui said...

State Capitols always have such interesting architectural details.

Gypsy said...

That part of Kentucky is lovely to begin with.

Sue and Doug said...

great tour of another state capital! the history lesson that goes along with it!

Karen and Al said...

What a beautiful building. I saw something on tv the other day about how state capitol building were so opulent since it was built with tax payers money and if you have to use your "own" money, you aren't so extravagant. I guess it's true as they are all pretty spectacular!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Beautiful building. Too bad that kind of craftmanship is a thing of the past.

Fortunatly they built it so well, it will be around a long time for people to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the USAF Museum.

Happytrails said...

Love State Capitol much interesting architecture! Most are just beautiful. Thanks for the tour and pictures.

pidge said...

Beautiful tour. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pictures and info.