Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meeting Friends in Bushnell

We decided to stop in Bushnell after discussing travel plans with Ron and Theresa from Colorado, who are fellow full timers we met in Mayport, Fl. They planned in spending several months there over the winter. When we learned that we would also be able to spend some time with two couples from our Winnebago club, it was a simple decision to stop there for a week.

We ran into Ron and Theresa almost as soon as we checked into the same RV Park and were able to catch up on where we have traveled since meeting in Mayport. We also had a chance to spend a pleasant day with them exploring one of the largest Flea Markets in central Florida the day after a huge storm passed through the area. There were lots of things to look at and a number of them were nothing short of bizarre. We look forward to crossing paths with them again down the road.

Ray and Mary Jane from our Winnebago club have been in the area for some time. We met with them and Priscilla and Jim, also from our club, who were just passing through on their way back north (ouch!) for happy hour. Then we were off to a restaurant that only someone with local knowledge would be aware of. This non imposing restaurant was located on a small fish camp at a nearby lake. It proved to have an outstanding fish fry at a more than reasonable price.

It is always great to cross paths with new and old friends alike as we crisscross the country on our separate RV adventures.

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