Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Home improvement drama

It seemed that every year we undertake a big project on the house in Florida. Heather and Ryan are good tenants and would be great tenants if they had fewer pets. We agreed that this time new flooring would be the project to complete. We shopped for the material and vendors to make this happen. After finally deciding on material- a laminate that has a wood “piano” finish-we selected the vendor we hoped would do a good job in a timely manner. He indicated that it should take no more than one and a half days to complete.

The first day, the carpenter arrived a bit late and advised that his assistance had failed to show. Nevertheless he started work and seemed to be doing a good job. He worked late into the evening and seemed to get a decent amount done. The second day, also a late start, and his young assistance honored us with his presence but seemed to have little interest in the work and a poor attitude to boot. In hindsight, not surprisingly, with an assistant’s help there was less work done than the first day and the carpenter himself stayed late to keep working after the assistance had hit the road.

Day three dawned with the carpenter and assistance ready to go, again late. Apparently the assistance had taken an attitude pill and was even less enthusiastic about the work then the first day. At some point the carpenter tired of the lack of work and damage to the laminate, so he fired him on the spot. I should mention at this point that Anneke and I were not here during this portion of the free show and our- son -in law, Ryan, was busy with reinstalling his 250 gallon tank, when the confrontation continued out on the lawn. The large aquarium was an added complication to the process, but worked out in the end without any problems except some small injuries to a few fish during the transfer from temporary holding buckets back to the tank.

At some point the assistant called the police!

Anneke and I entered the scene as the sheriff car was pulling up. Long story short, the carpenter was apparently on probation for something and the young lad was going to press charges, so off to jail he went. We did not hear from him again, but his girlfriend came by to get his truck. Today-day four- another carpenter is here to hopefully finish the job. We are keeping our fingers crossed


Corrie, Dan and Gumbo Ryan said...

you guys need to hire Corrie! - dan & corrie ryan

The Bandy's said...

Contractor's never ending! Hope the job gets done.

Katie said...

Haha that is some serious drama!! Did they tell you yet that is is going to cost double the cost since it is taking double the time!!?? Haha I'm sorry I missed this. What's done looks good though!

Margreeth said...

Zie dat jullei oliebollen bakken! Een goed gewoonte. En ongelooflijk lekker. Jullie zien er allen goed uit op de foto's. Margreth

Bianca said...

Tjonge wat een verhaal is dat ! gaat er eigenlijk ooit wel eens iets soepeltjes en normaal met werklui pffff ;-)
Maar mooie vloer hoor !

Anonymous said...

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