Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, October 12, 2009

Knoxville, TN

Knoxville is a convenient stop on our way south to visit family in Georgia and we spent a pleasant two days in the area. This also allowed us to use a Membership Park from the Escapees club that we have been a member of for almost a year and never used any of the benefits the club provides. The club is designed for those who are full timers and has a number of popular services including mail forwarding. The RV Park was just north of Knoxville and was a friendly place stop. The most interesting thing about the park was a camper that stopped over just for a one night stay. It was a Westward Coronado built in 1947 and still owned by the family of the original purchaser. Still looked to be in good shape, and they have certainly gotten their monies worth there.

We made a trip into Knoxville to get a feel for the city, as we have not been there before. We found it to be a pleasant place to visit, with all the usual amenities. We choose to visit the Museum of Art, the World’s fair Park, and the Market square district. All were well maintained and the city had a real lived in feeling. There were lots of condos and other living venues downtown. It does not give that feeling of many cities, where everyone who could has abandoned the city for the suburbs.

Our road food book touted the Litton’s Market, restaurant and Bakery in the north section of town. It is famous for its “10 Burger” and its desserts. The burger was indeed a ten, but after finishing it and the hand cut fries, there just was no room for the desert.

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