Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, October 17, 2009

family visit Georgia

The last ten days have been spent visiting our daughter Gretchen, husband Bo and grandson Aleister in Resaca, GA. This has been an enjoyable visit with only the cold and very rainy weather being the downside.

We have spent most of the time just visiting at the house due to the weather. However, we did make it to the annual art and craft fair at Prater’s Mill, the site of an 1800’s flour mill. The mill, located along a river, was open and operating and Aleister and I took the tour several times until he was satisfied that he had seen it all. At two and a half, he is the definition of energy and curiosity. Aleister was less than thrilled, however, at the chance to ride a pony. After Bo got him settled in the saddle, it was clear that Aleister was not going to take the ride. Never the less, I got the picture, so no one will ever know he changed his mind. We enjoyed the rest of the fair without spending too much money.

There was some excitement in our last days, as a damaged tree was removed from the back yard by a tree service. Since it was also one of the days without rain, we were able to be outside with Aleister. He was quite interested in what was going on and every time a big limb was dropped, it would sadly say “Oh No”.

Through thoughtless planning we are heading northwest into the Smoky Mountains near Asheville, NC just as freezing conditions are forecast. Stay tuned.

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