Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Lake Elmo, MN

As our trip continues to the east, we decided that we should at least see the largest shopping mall in the world-the Mall of America in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. We did get in a walking tour of all four floors and watched the shoppers. It is indeed a big place with lots of stores, restaurants and an amusement park in the middle. I must say that it has mostly the same old stuff-just more of it. I think we spent about five dollars total, including coffee. Once is definitely enough.

The campground is in a beautiful preserve park in Lake Elmo, but we have not had much of a chance to really enjoy it due to poor weather. The first night we did have a campfire and a visit from a fellow blogger. Klaas used to make comments on our blog under the name of Blips. Klaas and Eileen live in Woodbury, close to the park. Klaas is Dutch and they brought us some nice treats from the Netherlands. We had a fun evening

Stillwater, MN is where the territorial convention was held in 1848 and drew up a plan for the new territory to be called Minnesota. It also was a major port on the Mississippi River for the lumber trade. Today, tourism seems to be the main industry.

We extended here an extra day due to the heavy rains and storms during our planned departure time frame. So now we are sitting in another major storm system with sirens going off and heavy storms with hail and tornado warnings all around us.
Hopefully,the weather will improve enough tomorrow to allow us to move on.

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Katie said...

You couldn't possibly have bought all our x-mas presents for just $5!! All that bad weather you would think you were back in Colorado Springs! :)