Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Door County Maritime Museum

We are camped in Kewaunee, Wisconsin for an admittedly quick tour of Door County. This area is listed as one of the scenic byways of America and is part of the Wisconsin Dairy land. Door County is located in the northern part of the thumb of Wisconsin located between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

We spent a good part of our time in Sturgeon Bay, which has a long maritime history and currently has a major shipyard in town. This yard builds and repairs the very large bulk freighters that ply the waters of the Great Lakes. In one of my former work lives, I worked for one of these Steam Ship Companies which has since closed its doors. The shipyard has the ability to build and repair ships over 1000 feet in length.

Sturgeon Bay now has a very good Maritime Museum that traces the nautical history of the region. We enjoyed the exhibits, historic photos, model ships, simulators, and especially the tour of a historic tug.

If you on in the area, it is a must see.

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