Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St Augustine, FL

We have spent an extended week in St Augustine, Fl to visit with friends and explore an area we visited only very briefly in November 2007. Several blogs covered this visit with the last being:

We explored the St Augustine area including the lighthouse and beach. The lighthouse is one of the oldest in the area and has guided mariners during times of peace and war. We climbed the 219 steps to the top of the lighthouse and were rewarded with a great view of the city and ocean. Our day at the beach was very windy but we enjoyed the sounds of the surf and watching folks trying to control their various airborne beach toys.

The Lightner Museum is one of the acknowledged gems of the area. We spent several hours going thru the exhibits and I particularly enjoyed looking at the descriptions of what rooms were used for during the period it was owned by Mr. Flagler, known as the Hotel Alcazar and Spa. What is now a grand hall was once the pool. The steam room and shower area is still apparent and shows what luxury was like in the early days of Florida tourism for the rich and famous.

We visited friends from the Toledo area, fellow Winnebago travelers, as well as our friends living in St Augustine. Ted and Sharon again invited us to a holiday dinner, this time for Easter. In 2007 we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with them. They also joined us for lunch during the week and arrived on a very powerful motorcycle.

We are now in our second day of extended stay, awaiting improved weather. Strong storms have rolled across our area including tornado warnings and across the area of our destination. The decision to wait was a good one. Tomorrow we leave Florida after nearly six months in the state. Next stop Greensboro, Ga.

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Have your friends convinced you it's time to get a HOG?