Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greensboro, GA

After leaving St. Augustine, we made a three day stopover in Greensboro, GA enroute to visit our daughter Gretchen and family to celebrate grandson Aleister’s second birthday. Greensboro proved to be a very charming and friendly town. The town was first settled in the late 1700’s and had a troubled history with the Native Americans. After a one sided treaty was completed in 1786, the Creek Indians attacked the village in 1787, burning the village down and slaying almost all the residents.

The town was rebuilt and continued to prosper with many plantations and economic growth. The Civil War brought the second round of destruction, when General Sherman passed thru the area on his famous (infamous) march to the sea. He burned the town and most of the residents to the ground. As a result, today there are only a few antebellum homes in the area and all the downtown buildings post date the Civil War. The good news is that many of these 1800’s building have been preserved and continue to be used today.

The oldest structure in town is the county jail built in 1807. This includes a trap door on the upper floor where the condemned prisoners were executed. I would think that this type of confinement must have had a great deterrent factor to those considering any crime.

We came to this town because it has a membership campground in our system nearby touting itself as a luxury resort. It was a very nice property on Lake Oconee, but like a number of others we have visited the combination of poor design execution and lack of maintenance keeps it from being a real resort. They have old railroad cars for office, meeting and recreation, along with a number of the cars used as rental cabins. The railroad car used as the resort exercise room says a lot about the general condition of the resort. High on my list of dislikes is extremely unlevel sites and soft ground for moving heavy motorhomes around. It seems very likely we will not return to this “resort”.

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